14 Dec

December update

We’ve had a lot going on for the last couple of months, both at work and at home, but we’ve done a little work on Fizbang. Our new house is almost done and we’ll be moving in early January, which means our fun time will continue to be somewhat limited. I do plan to spend some of my year-end holiday working on the game, and Dodger opens the code on a regular basis no matter how busy we are.

Dodger recently finished a working version of the web-based editor, so I can use it to write room descriptions and create exits between rooms. Today he’s adding spawn tables to the web editor, so I won’t have to do any room building in-game. Here’s a peek that shows a lot of what we have done. The web editor is on the left and the game is open in a MUD client on the right:


We’ve started thinking about combat, and we’re considering a slower, turn-based system where strategy is more important than response speed. I’m also thinking about how to incorporate d20 rules such as initiative and movement into combat. I’d like to have something like stances or positions, where you would set something that determines how close you stay to the mob within the room. This would allow for ranged combat within a room, without constant manual movement during combat. Any ideas, either general or specific, would be welcome.

I added pages for our roadmap and our codebase, so check them out!

03 Nov

Status – Month 3

Wow, has it been three months already?  Work has been very busy, but we still have a ton of progress over the past month.

The networking code had to be refactored heavily to gel nicely with the new account system.  It’s now 100% rock solid, and I’m very happy with how it turned out – especially as it is fully asynchronous.

An account system and “nanny” system have been built.  These are highly configurable, so designing a pre-connect process should be very simple going forward.

A new application “proxy” has been built, which is a relay via SignalR between the mud and the accompanying web application.  We can now springboard into some very cool web functionality that is fully tied into the mud real-time (tablet clients, web clients etc).  I am currently working on some building tools in the web app.

A server has been setup, and we are allowing connections.  We haven’t quite gone public with the server yet, because showing off a content-less mud seems like a good way to shoo players away rather than to suck them into a new experience.  We would considering allowing visitors and very early alpha testing to those that request connectivity – keeping in mind that it is very early in development and lacking in content and functionality.



06 Oct

October update

We’ve had a few major breakthroughs this month. The biggest was that we finally decided on a name! The MUD will be named Fizbang’s Adventure, and the code base will simply be Fizbang. We haven’t decided yet if we will release the codebase, but it seems likely.

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12 Sep

A month of progress

So it’s been just over a month now – I count the new codebase as officially started 8/10/2014.

The month flew, but so did progress.  Its starting to feel like a real mud now.  I connect, walk to a room, and see mobs wandering about and chattering at me.  Room descriptions are wholly dynamic now, with the ability to change the description based on several factors (which will be expounded as building continues).

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02 Sep

September update

Building has begun!

There is still quite a bit of building tools needed, but the basics are in place.  Once turned over, Janua immediately built one of the biggest and most complicated zones I’ve seen in a mud – so of course things broke, then got fixed, then broke again and got fixed again.

The good news is that building needs are already driving development focus.

25 Aug

Development status update

Work on the new code is progressing nicely.  We now have real areas, real characters, and the ability to start building.  Once I’ve finished work on a map command – Janua has promised to start building, and transferring work, to the new codebase.  Exciting!

Speaking of building, there is a new side-project which took a bit of development time away from the core this week – the building client.  This will essentially be a building UI in a web page.  Of course, to accomplish this, we need the ability to telnet over the web – no easy task (without flash).  I’ve prototyped this client using signalr and a tcp proxy server, and the results were surprisingly functional for a prototype (screenshot later…).  I am going to spend a bit of time later this week looking into nodejs and possibly working up another prototype using strictly client side js – assuming nodejs proves capable.

Real life work is busy, as usual, so late evenings and weekends are about all I have had to spend on this project – however as luck would have it, a lot of things I’m currently working on for my day job happen to be technologies I am using here, so there is a lot of overlap – and development goes much faster on both sides.




03 Aug

August update

This month is shaping up to be a lot more productive than last month!

I have to ‘fess up and tell you that I tried working on yet another MUD. While the staff on that MUD was great, I really do need to work on my own project.

Dodger started work on a completely custom code base for us. We started to do this back in 1998, but it was too much for us to do at the time. Today he got a very basic server working that can accept connections, allows people to chat, and processes simple commands. I’m planning to reset the roadmap to reflect this, because a lot of things we had planned will change a bit.

I have teamed up with a new builder who has a very similar vision, so the building will go a bit faster; however, I am probably going to remove original TFE areas that I didn’t write or rewrite. I would still like to renovate Medienne and Voaleth, as well as some of the areas near both towns. Medienne (now Port Medienne) is about 1/3 finished.

06 Jul

July update

I moved the MUD back to tld2.genesismuds.com, but in the process I lost my posts from the WordPress site on the other server. They were mostly updates and progress posts that (frankly) nobody but me really cares about. Please excuse the lapse in dates from the last post on here; I’ve actually been active more than is reflected here.

I did a brief stint on another MUD which has since shut down, and then I had a couple of incredibly busy months for personal reasons. So things on TLD2 have been stalled for a while. I’m ready to start writing again, so I’ll be around and plugging away!

I can’t believe it’s been almost four years since I started working on TLD2 again. Wow!

15 Aug


The other day I was talking to a friend, and I said I was working on a new interactive fiction project. He got really excited and wanted to know how it worked and what kind of scripting I was using. I told him and he looked at LPMud without batting an eye. If I had told this person I was making a MUD, I would have received a blank stare until I explained, and then he probably would have thought I was odd. (Let’s not go there. M’kay?)

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